Installation Summary

  • Victron Temp/Volt sensor for MPPT series

  • 600W Complete Solar Charging Kit


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Date of Completion: April 16, 2024

System Details

Solar Wattage: 600W

Charge Controller: Complete 50A Victron SmartSolar Charge Controller Kit

Battery Type: Interstate Marine/RV Deep Cycle

# of Batteries: 2

Battery Ah Rating: 2x 81Ah

Battery Model: SRM-24


Victron Temp/Volt sensor for MPPT Series

Introducing the Victron Temp/Volt sensor for MPPT series! This handy device reads battery voltage and temperature via Bluetooth, allowing easy monitoring from your smartphone. It’s the perfect companion for Victron SmartSolar charge controllers, providing temperature data even when the controller isn’t close to the battery bank. Stay connected and informed with Victron technology. #VictronSensor #SmartMonitoring


Neatly tucked inside the battery storage box at the tongue of the trailer. #VictronSensor #SmartMonitoring


Here’s a snapshot of the temperature sensor cable securely connected to the positive lead on the battery. This ensures accurate monitoring of battery temperature for optimal performance. #BatteryHealth #TemperatureMonitoring


600W Complete Solar Charging Kit

Three new 200W Rich Solar panels have been added to the roof, boosting the solar array to a powerful 600W. Ready to soak up that sun! ☀️ #SolarPower #RenewableEnergy


Conveniently located in the front storage bay, our solar main disconnect and breaker switch provide easy access and control over your solar power system. Just a flip away from harnessing the sun’s energy! ☀️ #SolarEnergy #OffGridLiving


With a 600W solar array, our system feeds into a Complete Charger 50A Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/50, ensuring efficient management of solar power. Embrace sustainable energy with us! 🌞 #SolarPower #RenewableEnergy


Monitor your solar power in action through Bluetooth with the Victron Remote Monitoring App (VRM). Stay connected to your energy system anytime, anywhere! 📱☀️ #SolarEnergy #RemoteMonitoring #Victron