DC/DC Charging: Trailer, Truck Camper, 5th Wheel


  • Product Description

    Enable DC/DC charging from your alternator to a secondary Lithium, AGM, or Flooded battery bank. This kit is ideal for systems with older alternators or lithium batteries with input current limits under 100A.

    Ideal for: Trailers/5th Wheels/Truck Campers

    *Please note that cables length needs may vary by application. Please email info@amsolar.com if you would like to customize the cable lengths to better suit your needs.

    Alternator connection points can vary widely. Customers may need to contact their manufacturer for specific details and/or provide manufacturer-approved fuses or busbars for installation. Customers are responsible for ensuring warranty compliance.

    AM Solar Part Number:  CONV-VT-OS121218, 98-OR18TOW, CONV-VT-OS121230, 98-ALTCHO301T

  • Orion 18A Kit

    1x CONV-VT-OS121218

    VE Orion-Tr Smart Iso 12/12-18 chrgr

    15′ CABLE-8GA-2-R&B


    1x 93B-030A

    30 Amp DC Brkr. w/Screws

    1x 93T-POS-8GA

    8ga Brkr Pos Term Kit

    1x 93T-NEG-8GA

    8ga Negative Terminal Kit

    3″ HS-BLK-DWALL-3/4

    Heat Shrink 3/4″ Black

    1x SPLICE-14-SWL

    2-14 ga. Splice Wire Lug

  • Orion 30A Truck Camper Kit

    1x CONV-VT-OS121230

    VE Orion-Tr Smrt Isolated 12/12-30 Charger

    45′ CABLE-2GA-2-GRY


    1x 93B-060A

    60 Amp DC Brkr. w/Screws

    1x 93B-040A

    40 Amp DC Brkr. w/Screws

    2x LUG-2GA-RING-3/8


    1.5″ HS-RED-HD-1/2

    Heat Shrink 1/2″ Red

    1.5″ HS-BLK-HD-1/2

    Heat Shrink 1/2″ Black

    2x PLUG-AN-120HSNG

    Anderson SB120 Housing

    4x LUG-SB120-2GA

    Anderson SB120 2ga Contact

    1x PLUG-AN-120BTLD

    Anderson SB120 Boot “Load”

    1x PLUG-AN-120BTSRC

    Anderson SB120 Boot “Source”

    6′ CABLE-6GA-2-GRY


    1x 93P-BLK

    Junction Post Kit Negative

    1x 93P-RED

    Junction Post Kit Positive

    1x 93T-POS-6GA

    6ga Positive Terminal Kit

    1x 93T-NEG-6GA

    6ga Negative Terminal Kit


    Cable Gland, 2.5″ Round, Grey

  • Wiring Diagrams

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