Din Mount DC Breakers


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    DIN-mount breakers fit MidNite Solar enclosures & array combiners. These breakers are polarized, so the positive wire from the power source needs to be connected to the “+” side of the breaker. The maximum PV array voltage must not exceed the voltage rating of the breakers used (150VDC).

    These breakers are rated to break the full rated load at the rated voltage repeatedly, with NO DAMAGE. Always use a properly sized breaker for disconnecting.


    2. Environmental Rating – Type 1 (Indoor)

    3. DC Voltage Rating – 150VDC

    4. Wire Size Range – 14 to 6 AWG

    5. Width – 0.5 inches (13mm)

    6. Number of poles – 1

    7. Listed for US & Canada when used in MidNite Solar enclosures

    8. 10,000 AIC

    Breaker Torque Value: 20 In-Lbs (2.3NM)

    AM Solar Part Number:  BRKR-DC-DIN-150V/8A, BRKR-DC-DIN-150V/12A, BRKR-DC-DIN-150V/15A, BRKR-DC-DIN-150V/20A, BRKR-DC-DIN-150V/30A, BRKR-DC-DIN-150V/50A

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