Victron Phoenix 500VA Inverter Kit VE.Direct




  • Steady State: 500VA
  • Peak Power: 900W
  • Voltage Output: 110V AC
  • Voltage Input: 9.2-17.0V
  • Waveform: Pure Sine
  • Frequency: 60hz
  • Efficiency: 90%
  • Dimensions: H 3.6" x W 6.8" x D 10.8"
  • Product Description

    This kit includes all the standard components for the do-it-yourself installation of a Victron Phoenix 500 inverter system.  This inverter offers Bluetooth communication compatibility through an optional dongle and is ideal for laptops, entertainment centers and cell phone chargers.

    Wiring Diagram (AGM)

    Wiring Diagram (V4 Lithium)

  • What you get:

    1x    INV-VT-500    PIN125010500

    Victron Phoenix 12/500-120V VE.D Invrtr

    4x    FSTSCW-1034Z    31350

    Screw-#10×3/4″ PHP SMS Z

    4x    FSWASH-FLT-1/2    10NWSAZ

    Flat Washer 1/2″ OD- #10 ID Z

    5′    CABLE-8GA-2-GRY


    1x    93B-120A

    120 Amp DC Brkr. w/Screws

    1x    93T-POS-8GA

    8ga Brkr Pos Term Kit

    1x    93T-NEG-8GA

    8ga Negative Terminal Kit

    1x    MONITOR-VTBT

    VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle

    Due to the delicate nature of the electronics and high cost of shipping, all inverter sales are final.  If there is a problem with your unit we can connect you with the manufacturer’s tech support team to resolve any potential warranty issues.

    Visit the Victron webpage:  PIN125010500

    AM Solar Part Number:  99-VT0500KIT

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