LiFeBlue IP67 LiFePO4 12V Drop-In Battery




  • 100Ah Ultimus: H 9" x W 12.1" x D 6.6" 26lbs
  • Product Description

    Introducing ULTIMUS by LiFeBlue Battery, our next generation battery meaning “beyond the expected”. Ultimus batteries have the most advanced BMS with integrated protections for every condition. The UL1973 endorses our design to provide a safe and long lasting battery. Ultimus models makes installation much easier for DIY projects.

    The Ultimus App offers the most comprehensive Bluetooth monitoring showing status, temperature, voltage, current, cycle life, battery health, Faults and state of charge. The enclosure is rated to IP67 so our battery can be installed in non-weatherized places that other Lithium batteries cannot, such as external battery boxes and step-bays. And, because these batteries are sealed and heated, you don’t have to worry about dust, moisture, or extreme temperatures, all of which can shorten the lifespan of lower-quality batteries.

    Along with Bluetooth, the battery includes CANbus and RS485 data communications for advanced monitoring and control, saving you hundreds of dollars on a separate shunt-based monitor.

    Low Temp rated batteries have an internal heating controller designed for effective charging in extreme environments, down to -5°F. When the protection threshold is met, current from your charger is sent to warm the battery until it is at a safe temperature to charge.

    • IP67, complete protection against dust over extended time as well as protection against contact with objects greater than 1mm in diameter, such as a wire or a small tool, protected against short periods of immersion in water while under pressure between 15cm and 1m.
    • UL1973 Certificate of Compliance
    • UL 1642 Certificate of Compliance
    • Certifications: IEC62133; CE; TUV; TLC; UN38.3; IATF16949; ISO9001-2009; ISO14001; ISO45001; OHSAS18001; TS16949
    • Case is designed for serviceability, replace cells, BMS, other repairs
    • Dual CAN and RS485 Data ports, firmware updates, DATA out, battery control, other functions
    • Multi function Reset button with 4 LED display
    • Patented Bluetooth monitoring, free Ultimus App for Android and IOS devices
    • Broad charge voltage range, from 13.6 to 15 Volts is acceptable
    • 400 Amps output for 4 seconds, start inductive loads
    • 150 Amp output continuous
    • Charge up to 100 Amps
    • Does not require specialty Li battery charger
    • Works with any PV solar controller
    • Works with any Inverter-Charger
    • All models have low temperature charge protection
    • Capable of starting 15kW generator from single battery
    • Additional capacity can be combined with older batteries at any future time
    • Up to 16 batteries can be combined in 2Series4Parralel, 3S4P or 4S4P or 16 parallel for 20kWh of energy storage.
    • Each battery has a power switch for up to 6 months storage

    AM Solar Part Number:  BATTLI-LB-100U

    All lithium battery purchases are final.

  • Charge and Discharge Current Information:

    100Ah:  Charge Current: 100A
    100Ah:  Discharge Current 150A continuous, 400A for 4 seconds

  • Spec Sheets and Guides

    LifeBlue Ultimus (LBU) Quick Start Guide
    Pre-Charging and Installation Guide

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