Victron LiFePO4 Batteries 12.8V


Please do not use a residential address, if you do not have a commercial address to ship to, please contact the front office. 541-726-1091 or We can potentially ship to a dealer near you.
Qualifying addresses:
1. Are commercial addresses able to accept a pallet of goods under all weather conditions on normal business days with no notice or special delivery needs (no delivery appointment needed).
2. Will have access to a forklift on site.
I verify the address provided meets the requirements set by AM Solar. If it does not, I understand my order may be rejected and refunded with transaction fees subtracted.
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  • 100Ah: H 7.8″ W 12.6″ x D 6.0″ 33lbs
  • 200Ah: H 9.3″ W 12.6″ x D 6.0″ 49lbs
  • 330Ah: H 10.44″ W 14.14″ x D 8.11″ 66lbs



  • Product Description

    Stand alone battery purchases require a VE.Bus BMS, Lynx Smart BMS, or Victron SmallBMS. This battery will not function properly without one of these Battery Management Systems.


    -Integrated cell balancing
    -Can be parallel or series connected
    -Bluetooth app available to monitor cell voltage and temperature

    Recommended to be used in conjunction with one of our Victron lithium battery kits.

    The delivery of Victron batteries is more complicated than that of our other products. They must be drop-shipped from Victron, and Victron requires that shipments go to a commercial address that has either a forklift or a loading dock (one or the other is fine). If we have a registered AM Solar dealer or installer near you, we can usually ship to them with no issues. If we don’t, we would need you to find a suitable commercial shipping address in your area as per the requirements above. Many such businesses are wary of liability issues with lithium shipments, so you may need to try a number of options.

    Some examples would be your workplace, the workplace of a friend or family member, or a neighboring business that is open to receiving a lithium shipment on your behalf.

    Visit the Victron webpage: BAT512110610, BAT512120610, BAT512130410
    AM Solar Part Number:  BATTLI-VT-200, BATTLI-VT-200S, BATTLI-VT-100, BATTLI-VT-330

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