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    Tech Support for your mobile power system. AM Solar provides paid tech support for both AM Solar customers needing additional assistance and to Non-AMS customers who may have questions. AM Solar reserves the right to cancel and refund paid Tech Support purchases.

    AM Solar offers high-level tech support to its customers, but in order to stay in business, we need to establish some reasonable limits on the amount of free support we can offer.  These limits are based on the purchase price, which usually corresponds to the complexity of the system.  If you require additional support, it can be purchased in half-hour blocks.  AM Solar reserves the right to refuse support of products not purchased through AM Solar.  AM Solar customers are entitled to a free wiring diagram which will indicate the connections within the kit and provide basic instructions.  A thorough reading of this material should reduce dependence on AM Solar support.  Time spent dealing with defective products will not count toward the support time limits.

    Support Tiers:

    $0 – Friendly Guidance: 5 minutes

    Up to $1000 – Component Support: 10 minutes

    Up to $3000 – Subsystem Configuration: 30 minutes

    Up to $5000 – System Integration: 45 minutes

    Up to $7000 – Full System Support: 60 minutes

    Up to $12,000 – Complex Support:  2 hours

    Up to $18,000 – Deluxe Support: 3 hours

    $18,000 or more – We’ve got you covered:  Unlimited

    AM Solar Install – Welcome to the family:  Unlimited

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