Zamp Side Port Integration Kits


  • Product Description

    These kits integrate a Zamp side port to either an existing solar charging core or directly to the battery bank.

    Ideal for Zamp folding panels that are regulated (Zamp Side Port to Battery Kit) or unregulated (Zamp Side Port to Central Controller Kit).

  • Wiring Diagrams

  • What you get:

    96-SIDEPORT: Zamp Side Port to Central Controller Kit


    12′ CABLE-8GA-2-R&B


    3 x HS-BLK-HD-3/4

    Heat Shrink 3/4″ Black HD (1.5″ pieces)

    3 x HS-RED-HD-3/4

    Heat Shrink 3/4″ Red HD (1.5″ pieces)

    1 x PLUG-2PF-RW

    2 Pole Plug, Roof/wall

    2 x SPLICE-14-SWL

    2-14 ga. Splice Wire Lug

    2 x SPLICE-8-BUT-HS

    8 ga. Butt HS


    96-SIDEPORTB: Zamp Side Port to Battery Kit


    1 x PLUG-2PF-RW

    2 Pole Plug, Roof/Wall

    12’ CABLE-10GA-2-WHT

    Duplex-10/2 600V

    2 x FUSE-ATC-020A

    Fuse-20 Amp


    Fuse Holder & Cap

    3 x SPLICE-10-BUTT-HS

    10-12 ga. Butt HS 3.00 ea

    2 x LUG-10GA-RING-HS

    10-12 ga. Ring-H.S. 2.00 ea

    12” HS-BLK-DWALL-3/4

    Heat Shrink 3/4″ Black DW

    AM Solar Part Number: 96-SIDEPORT, 96-SIDEPORTB

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