This Airsteam owner had one of our Essential Lithium battery banks installed with a battery monitor, 2000W inverter and 500W of roof mounted solar panels.  Because lithium batteries are damaged when charged at temperatures below freezing, we included one of our cold charge automatic disconnect kits.  Along with the roof mounted solar, we included a 120W Zamp folding panel on its own Victron MPPT charge controller.


Equipment added:
5x SP100 Solar Panels
1x Roof C-Box
1x SunRunner Victron MPPT 50A System Core
1x Victron Color Control GX Monitor
1x 300Ah Victron Essential Lithium Battery Bank
1x Victron Essential Cold Charge Disconnect
1x BMV-702 Battery Monitor
1x Victron MultiPlus 12/2000 Inverter
1x Zamp 120 Panel Folding w/ Case
1x Victron BlueSolar 100/15 Charge Controller

300Ah Lithium Battery
300Ah Lithium Battery
Solar Charge Controller
Solar Charge Controller
2000VA Inverter
2000VA Inverter