240V loads are oversized for inverters. Even if you could operate them it wouldn’t be recommended. You can only use 240VAC loads when on 50 amp service. We simply don’t support off-grid 240VAC at this time.

We do not recommend Autotransformers, and can’t support them at all. You would honestly be better off with a dual inverter system in many cases!

Fortunately, these are all the 240VAC items that we are aware of for RVs.

  1. Electric cooking stove (Induction Cook Tops)
    These can be added aftermarket, and are hard to detect unless the customer is aware of this feature.
  2. Electric Heat (Cheap Heat)
    These are added before the main breaker, creating several issues.
  3. Aftermarket Electric A/C (Mini-Split)
    Aftermarket 240VAC devices.

The reason we don’t expect to see many additional appliances that are 240VAC is that only high current loads justify the need for 240VAC. Therefore the only applicable 240VAC loads will be heating and cooling devices with high demand. To date, we are only aware of four 240VAC load customers that we have encountered in installations.

Speaking exclusively about 240VAC loads, there are no 240VAC loads stock in RVs whatsoever. That could change at any time. We presume they will start to offer 240VAC Stovetops at some point in the future, but not yet.