Solar power has transformed the camping and travel experiences of Airstream trailer owners. With the installation of solar panels, Airstream owners now have access to off-grid power solutions, providing a reliable source of energy wherever they go.

AM Solar, a trusted provider of solar products for Airstream trailers, offers a wide range of high-quality solar panels, lithium batteries, solar charge controllers, and inverters. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we have been a leader in the industry since 1987.

Why Solar Panels are Game-Changers for Airstream Trailers

Solar panels are a game-changer for Airstream trailers because they provide power even in remote locations, eliminating the need for noisy generators or constant electrical hook-ups. With solar panels, Airstream owners can enjoy the freedom to camp off-grid, surrounded by nature, without sacrificing the comforts of electricity.

Here are some key benefits of solar panels for Airstream trailers:

  • Off-Grid Power: Solar panels allow Airstream owners to camp in remote locations without access to electrical hook-ups.
  • Noise-Free: Unlike generators, solar panels operate silently, allowing for a peaceful camping experience.
  • Cost Savings: With solar panels, Airstream owners can reduce their reliance on traditional energy sources, resulting in long-term cost savings.
  • Convenience: Solar panels provide a convenient and reliable source of power for Airstream owners, ensuring they can enjoy their camping experience without any interruptions.
    Below we will delve deeper into the benefits of solar panels for Airstream trailers. We will also explore the unique considerations and design options for installing solar panels on Airstream trailers. If you’re an Airstream owner looking to enhance your camping experience and embrace independent traveling, keep reading to learn more.

Off-Grid Power Solutions for Airstream Trailers

One of the main benefits of owning an Airstream trailer is the ability to explore remote and off-grid locations. However, to fully enjoy the freedom of off-grid travel, a reliable source of power is essential. This is where solar panels come into play.

Explanation of how solar panels provide off-grid power:

  • Solar panels harness the power of the sun and convert it into electricity.
  • They are made up of photovoltaic cells that absorb sunlight and generate an electrical current.
  • This current is then stored in batteries, which can be used to power various appliances and devices in your Airstream trailer.

Solar power is especially well-suited for Airstream trailers because they have unique solar power systems due to their curved roof, limited roof space, and external battery box. As a reputable provider of solar solutions, we understand these specific requirements and offers a range of products designed specifically for Airstream trailers. Additionally, we offer professional Airstream solar installation services and have completed many Airstream projects.

Introduction to AM Solar and their range of solar products:

When it comes to off-grid power solutions for Airstream trailers, AM Solar is a trusted name in the industry. With over three decades of experience, we have established ourselves as experts in the field, offering a wide range of solar products specifically tailored for Airstream trailers.

AM Solar’s product lineup includes complete solar kits, solar panels, lithium batteries, solar charge controllers, inverters, and more. We understand the unique requirements of Airstream trailers and provide solutions that are compatible with their curved roofs, limited roof space, and external battery box.

Many customers have recommended us due to our technical advice, high-quality products, and excellent customer support. We have a reputation for innovation, excellence, and superior customer service. Whether you are a seasoned off-grid traveler or new to the world of solar power, we can guide you through the process and help you choose the right products for your DIY Airstream trailer project or we can even do the Airstream solar installation for you.

AM Solar: Enhancing Your Airstream Trailer with Solar Power

AM Solar is a reputable provider of solar products, offering a wide range of options specifically designed for Airstream trailers. These solar products are essential for enhancing the overall experience of owning an Airstream trailer and enjoying off-grid adventures.

Complete Solar Kits

One of the key solar products we offer is our complete solar kits. These kits provide everything you need to set up a solar power system on your Airstream trailer. They include:

  • High-quality solar panels
  • Lithium batteries
  • Solar charge controllers
  • Inverters/chargers

We have established a reputation for excellence and innovation, making us a trusted choice for Airstream owners who want to upgrade their rig.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are at the core of any solar power system, and AM Solar offers a variety of panels to suit different needs. Check out all of their solar panel options that are available here.

Lithium Batteries

To store the energy generated by the solar panels, we offer LifeBlue lithium batteries. These batteries are known for their high quality and expandability, making them an ideal choice for Airstream trailers. They can be conveniently relocated under a bed or bench, allowing for the use of more than two batteries. It is important to note that when upgrading to lithium batteries, the existing converter may need to be replaced with a lithium-compatible one to ensure compatibility.

Solar Charge Controllers

Solar charge controllers are another essential component of a solar power system. AM Solar offers reliable and efficient solar charge controllers. These charge controllers optimize the charging process, ensuring maximum efficiency and prolonging the lifespan of the batteries.


Inverters/chargers are also available, including the Victron Multiplus and Phoenix inverters. These inverters/chargers convert the DC power generated by the solar panels into AC power, allowing you to power your appliances and devices while off-grid. They also provide charging capabilities for the batteries, ensuring they are always topped up and ready for use.

Customization and Support

AM Solar understands that every Airstream trailer is unique, and we offer optional components and tools to tailor your solar power system to your specific needs. We also provide pre-configured complete system examples, giving you a clear idea of how the components work together to create a reliable source of off-grid power.

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or prefer professional installation, AM Solar has you covered. We offer resources to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have during the installation process. If you prefer professional installation, we have a shop in Springfield, Oregon, where we can install a solar power system on your Airstream trailer.

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AM Solar is the trusted choice for professional installation and support services for solar panel systems on Airstream trailers. Our expertise, experience, and commitment to customer satisfaction set us apart in the industry. Whether you’re looking for installation services, technical support, or high-quality solar panel components, AM Solar has you covered. Request a quote today to learn more and take the first step towards enhancing your Airstream trailer experience with solar power.