If you’ve always struggled in giving gifts in the holiday season, maybe it’s time to go solar with your gift giving. There are a wide variety of solar gadgets that are fun to give, and some gadgets are highly functional for your next solar outing in your solar equipped RV.

Solar Decorations

If you’re looking to go solar in all aspects of life, it might be time to invest in some solar decorations for the holidays. There are plenty of solar operated light to choose from, whether it’s outdoor or indoor you’re looking for. Solar lights collect the energy they need during the day, and stay lit well into the night. The next day they start collecting energy again.

Most people love holiday trains riding around the base of your Christmas tree, and there are now new options. There are now solar powered trains, that you can set up as part of your holiday decorations.

Solar gifts

If you’re looking for fun solar gifts to give, there are solar figurines that are simple and easy. Figurines that light up or move, if left in the sunlight by a window, are a fun gift to give.

Think about giving a solar powered flashlight, or hand crank flashlight. In a world that is slowly transitioning away from batteries, it’s important to have a flashlight on hand that doesn’t require them.

Another great solar gift to give that has a high functionality is a solar mobile charger. Perfect for the solar RV camper in your life or just someone who enjoys getting out on the trails. A great stocking stuffer, a solar mobile charger is great for those instances where your phone unexpectedly dies in the middle of the wilderness.

Solar Tools

While tools have always been a hallmark staple gift around the holidays, this year it’s time to shake that up. Many manufacturers are coming out with solar alternatives to power tools. Find solar powered tools, tool kits, and multi-tools this year.

Solar Power

There are plenty of smaller solar gadgets to find for a solar fan this time of year. From solar showers, to mobile chargers, to solar powered flashlights, to even holiday decorations, there’s plenty to find when it comes to converting to solar.