The 12V (#4) lead in the 7-pin harness is the 12V power source from the chassis, and when the tow-vehicle engine is idling the alternator drives the voltage higher thus activating the Orion to charge (permitting programming is correct). However, depending on the chassis manufacturer’s setup this source comes in one of three common forms…



  1. Constant 12V w/ or w/o engine running (Orion or Cyrix-Li-ct compatible)
    Note: Improper programming of an Orion may enable operation even with the engine off.
  2. 12V w/ engine running only (Orion or Cyrix compatible)
    Note: 12V activation is removed with IG signal/engine off.
  3. No 12V w/ or w/o engine running (Not compatible w/ Orion or Cyrix)
    Note: Some vehicle manufacturers (typically newer) have been equipped with a 7-pin relay that activates with a 12V signal supplied from the trailer. The Orion and Cyrix are also looking for a 12V signal from the tow vehicle, neither system will function in this scenario. Some vehicle manufacturers can adjust the operation of the 7-pin to operate like example 2. Contact your manufacturer for more information.