In the world of solar equipped RVs, Lithium batteries are the batteries of choice. What is it that makes them the preferred battery of solar battery banks and more? We’re here to explain how they work and why we choose them.


Lithium batteries used to cost an arm and a leg. They used to fall under what we could consider technology of the future. The age of lithium has arrived. Now they’re easy to find and affordable. They’re even getting close to the price of lead acid batteries.


Lithium batteries are also smaller and lighter, which make them much more desired when it comes to outfitting an RV with a solar charging system. Lithium batteries are also known for delivering more power for a longer duration of time. While lead batteries drop voltage as their battery power gets lower, lithium batteries deliver a consistent level of stored power. Lithium batteries are also known for being able to sit longer than lead acid batteries, which is ideal for a solar RV. If you’re not using your solar RV for portions of the year, it’s better to find a battery that won’t deteriorate if left to sit for a month or two.

Solar RVs

In our solar RV’s we do like to use a battery management system, so that the lithium batteries don’t get over charged or completely discharged. They tend to have a longer lifespan in our RV’s if this system is installed. With lithium batteries weighing in lower that lead acid batteries, they’re perfect for use in solar powered RV’s. They don’t need regular full charges, and they require less maintenance. With a higher current output, they provide more usable capacity.

We do offer two different set ups for our lithium battery banks. The sizes directly depend on how much use you plan for your solar equipped RV. If you’re planning to run several appliances, like air conditioning, it might be best to set up your RV with a bigger capacity battery bank. If you’re only planning on using solar power for smaller necessities, than the smaller set up would probably work better for you.