It’s that time of year again; the weather is nice and it’s time to go camping. If you have a solar equipped RV you know the wonders of avoiding a crowded campground, and heading out off the grid with your solar RV. While equipping your RV with solar panels, can help you camp anywhere, there are still lots of fun solar gadgets that can make camping even easier. We’re here to break them down for you.


Having a solar lantern is essential to almost any camping trip. We all know that it gets dark out faster than we realize, and having a few lanterns on site is always helpful. Find a solar powered lantern for camping. The benefits of solar lanterns are they stay lit longer, with up to hours of light just for charging in the sun all day. Solar lanterns tend to be pretty affordable, and you can find them in a lot of different places for under $20.

Solar Charging Backpack

This is a new one to us, but seems to be extra handy. Rather than carry your gear around from camp to camp, they now have solar charging backpacks. It’s perfect for charging smaller things like a phone or ipod. If bringing your electronics along on a camping trip are a must, then this backpack is for you. Rather than lugging around heavy batteries or a docking station, this pack can charge any small devices.

Solar Shower

While we admit that the point of camping is to get off the grid, and forego some of our everyday pleasures, showering doesn’t have to be one of them. We’ve talked about solar showers in the past, and the technology has only improved. While rigging a DIY solar shower isn’t that hard, there are plenty of inexpensive solar showers to be found on the market. If you don’t have a solar equipped RV with a shower, a solar shower is the way to go.

Solar Flashlights

Having a flashlight on hand when you’re camping is essential. Flashlights come in handy any time, not just camping. This is a great solar accessory, again because it charges during the day, and you can use it for hours at night. Again, this is an affordable solar camping gadget, coming in at under $30.

Solar Cooler

Another new product using solar energy? We love it. If you’ve ever struggled with keeping your drinks and food cold on a camping trip, solar powered coolers are here to save the day. It only uses a few amps every hour, to keep your food at safe temperatures, which is less energy than most other devices use.

Go Solar

There are plenty of ways to enhance your campsite with solar equipment and gadgets. Check out a few listed here, or go find the best ones for you. If you have a solar equipped RV, using solar gadgets is only going to make camping or head out off the grid easier.