With the rising real estate market, and the growing popularity of tiny homes in the last few years, RV living has taken off. RV’s are easier to get your hands on than tiny homes, and they offer more ease of travel than some tiny homes. Lots of young families and young couples are moving toward RV living as an easier way to own a home. If you’re looking for a lower cost living, investing in a solar equipped RV might be the answer. While it takes money to outfit an RV with solar panels, it will save you money in the future, and it’s worth it.


Owning an RV has become quite popular. RV ownership is at an all-time high now, with middle-aged buyers representing the largest group of owners. Other young professionals are finding that selling off their possessions and moving into a smaller space, like an RV or tiny home, can be quite liberating.

Solar Equipped RVs

What could be more liberating than the freedom of RV solar panels? If you no longer, need to hook up to power at a campground, you can realistically set up camp anywhere, as long as it’s legal to park overnight.

Some solar RV outfitters have solar RV kits that make adding solar panels to your RV quite easy. Some places like, AM Solar, even offer installation services.

While the price of living in and owning an RV is much less than owning a home, it’s even less when you factor in what solar power can save you. Using solar power to run an RV takes some getting used to, as you don’t have endless energy to use. Depending on how much energy you collect and save, you’ll have to pick and choose what sort of appliances you can use and run on a daily basis.

Some sites offer solar calculators so you know how much power you’ll need to use for certain appliances. With some appliances you can figure out how many kilowatts per hour, per year they use. With some charge converters, they come with mobile apps, that will help you monitor how much power you’re collecting throughout the day.

Take Away

If you’ve been thinking about downsizing for a while, the RV life might be perfect for you. If you’re not entirely ready, try borrowing a friend’s RV or renting one to see how much you enjoy the lifestyle. If you’re ready to commit, it might be time to consider the benefits of a solar DIY RV.