Explorer Camper 200W CamperGLD
Explorer Camper 200W

Explorer Camper 200W, 220Ah 1200VA

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  • Product Description

    – 2x 100W Short Solar Panels with mounts and wire harnesses

    – 20A Victron SmartSolar MPPT Charge Controller with Bluetooth Communication

    – Victron BMV-712 Battery Monitor with Bluetooth Communication

    – 2x Lifeline 220Ah AGM 6V Batteries

    – 1200VA Victron Phoenix pure sine inverter with AC outlet

    – Sub panel with multiple breakers and AC outlet

    – $5,650 when installed by AM Solar with an estimated 19 hours of labor

    This versatile power system charges dual AGM batteries and is capable of enough 120V AC output to power a variety kitchen appliances.  A shunt based battery monitor and Bluetooth communication make system monitoring easy. The 1200VA inverter is a good match for a small microwave, coffee pot or even an Instant Pot.

  • What you get:

  • Upgrade or Modification Options:

    This complete kit is composed of three subsystems:  Solar Charging, Battery Bank/Monitoring, and AC Output.  These subsystems can be removed or modified based on what you already have or want.

  • Solar

    Changing the Panels:  The charge controller can support a maximum of 300W, so another 200W of solar panels can be added.  You may consider a 90W panel, or remove one panel and add a 170W panel.

    Change the Charge Controller:  The current charge controller core is rated for 20A and uses 8ga cable.  If you want more than 300W, check out our 30A, or 50A charge controller cores using thicker 6ga or 4ga cable. Or if you only want 200W or less, you can downsize to the 15A charge controller.

    External Port:  An external charging port can be added that would allow for the use of folding panels as long as the charge controller can handle the extra wattage.

  • Battery Bank

    Different AGM Batteries:  The standard configuration comes with two 6V 220Ah AGM batteries.  If you want more energy storage and have the physical space for it, you could get a single 12V 255Ah battery, or a pair of 300Ah batteries connected in series.  All batteries need to be the same make, model and age.

    Lithium Batteries:  If you upgrade to lithium batteries you will need to get lithium compatible alternator charging adapter kit. Add as many lithium batteries as you can fit as long as they are all the same brand and amp-hour rating.

  • AC and DC Distribution

    More DC Outlets:  The standard configuration of this kit works with the existing DC distribution system. AM Solar can add more DC outlets.

    More AC Outlets:  The standard inverter has one built-in AC outlet.  If you need more, you can plug in a power strip, or modify an extension cord to a sub panel with breakers and use that to feed additional outlets.

  • Inverter/Charger System

    Remove the Inverter:  If you don’t need 120V AC you can remove the inverter portion of the kit.

    Add a Charger:  With this kit, you do not have the option for shore power charging, but it can be added.  It can be as simple as a 7A clip-on charger, or permanently mounted Progressive Dynamics 45A or 60A model with shore power cord an inlet, or upgrade to an inverter/charger all-in-one unit.

    Change the Inverter:  For stand-alone inverters without chargers, we have 250VA, 500VA, and 800VA models available.  You may also consider the Xantrex Freedom XC 2000W, or the Victron Multiplus 2000VA and 3000VA inverter/charger systems.

  • Monitoring

    Remove the shunt based monitor:  The current version of this kit includes a shunt based monitor that allows you to read the state of charge as a percentage. If you are fine with a simple voltage measurement (not recommended for lithium batteries) you can remove the monitor and read the voltage from the charge controller via the Victron Connect Bluetooth app.

    AM Solar Part Number: 99-CMPGLD

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