Installation Summary

  • Solar Charging System Assessment
  • Solar Panel Replacement

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Date of Completion: October 20, 2023


System Details

Solar Wattage: 600W

Charge Controller: Blue Sky Energy Solar Boost

Battery Type:Lifeline AGM

# of Batteries: 4

Battery Ah Rating: 4x 220Ah

Battery Model: GPL-4CT

600W Solar Array

Out with the old! All 5x GS135W panels have been removed due to severe underperformance or failure. Time for a fresh start. 🌞🔧 #NewBeginnings #PanelReplacement


Boosting power! We’ve added some new Grape Solar 100W Noir panels and installed a 6th panel, creating a new 600W array for enhanced performance. 🌞🔌 #PowerUpgrade #SolarExpansion


Efficiency at its core! This image showcases the centralized wiring configuration meticulously integrated into the existing combiner box, following careful inspection to ensure optimal performance. 🔌⚡️ #EfficientWiring #OptimizedPerformance


Proven resilience! Even after 10 years, further testing of the Blue Sky 3024 MPPT with a power supply reveals normal operational capability. No replacement necessary. 🌟✅ #SolarMaintenance #ResilientTechnology


Access made easy! The IPN Pro Remote Monitor seamlessly integrated into the interior wall, ensuring effortless access and control. 🌟🔧 #EffortlessMonitoring #SeamlessIntegration