Installation Summary

  • 1200Ah 12VDC LiFeBlue LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Bank w/SmartShunt Monitoring System
  • 1200W Complete Solar Charging Kit (expandable up to 1600W)

  • Alternator Charging
  • Reprogram Magnum MS2012RV for LiFePO4


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Date of Completion: January 12, 2024


System Details

Solar Wattage: 1200W

Charge Controller: SmartSolar MPPT 150/100-Tr VE.Can (100A) Charge Controller

Inverter System: Victron Phoenix 1200VA Inverter Kit

Battery Type:LiFePO4 LiFeBlue Low Temp 300Ah

# of Batteries: 4

Battery Ah Rating: 4x 100Ah

Battery Model:LB12300D-LT

Alternator Charging System: Victron Cyrix Battery Combiner


LiFeBlue LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Bank w/SmartShunt Monitoring System

Wired up four (4) 300Ah LiFeBlue batteries in parallel, neatly installed into the front passenger side exterior bay. ⚡🔋 #EfficientPower #OptimizedStorage


SmartShunt in action! The Victron SmartShunt provides critical battery health information, seamlessly integrated with Victron remote monitoring for enhanced oversight. 📊🔋 #EfficientMonitoring #BatteryHealth


1200W Solar Array (expandable to 1600W)

Upgrade in progress! Removed existing 100W panels and installed eight (8) high-voltage 200W Rich Solar panels for enhanced power generation. 🌞🔌 #SolarUpgrade #EfficientEnergy


Solar panel wiring resembling an octopus as it leads into the AM Solar combiner box, showcasing efficient organization and connectivity. 🐙🔌 #EfficientWiring #SolarSetup


The intestines of the combiner box neatly wired up, feeding into the charge controller for optimized energy management. 🔌🔧 #EfficientWiring #OptimizedEnergyFlow


The main solar disconnect switch and breaker seamlessly integrated for enhanced safety and control. ⚡🔌 #EfficientIntegration #EnhancedSafety


Alternator Charging

Enhanced battery management! Swapped the factory solenoid for a LiFePO4 compatible Victron Energy Cyrix-Li-ct battery combiner, ensuring ‘Bi-directional’ charging and ‘Emergency Boost’ features are maintained. 🔋🔌 #EfficientUpgrade #EnhancedFunctionality


Reprogram Magnum MS2012RV for LiFePO4

Upgraded and optimized power setup! Swapped and relocated the ME2012-20B inverter/charger with a new customer-provided MS2012-20B unit, replaced the current monitor with an ARC50 monitor, and reprogrammed the system for Lithium compatibility. 🔌🔧 #EfficientUpgrade #OptimizedPower