Installation Summary

  • 600Ah 12VDC LiFeBlue Ultimus LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Bank w/Victron Energy SmartShunt Monitoring System
  • 600W Complete Solar Charging Kit
  • 12VDC/3000VA Victron Energy 2x120V AC Input/Output System w/ Micro Air Easy Starts & 50A Hardwired Watchdog EPO AC Input Protection
  • Airkrafters Generator Kit


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Date of Completion: March 1, 2024

System Details

Solar Wattage: 600W

Charge Controller: Complete 50A Victron SmartSolar Charge Controller Kit

Inverter System: Victron Multiplus II 1x120V 3000VA Inverter Kit- Full Pass

Battery Type: LiFeBlue Ultimus 100Ah

# of Batteries: 6

Battery Ah Rating: 6x 100Ah

Battery Model:LBU-100


LiFeBlue Ultimus LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Bank w/Victron Energy SmartShunt Monitoring System

Six 100Ah IP67 LiFeBlue Ultimus batteries expertly installed beneath the twin bed, maximizing space and energy efficiency. 🔋 #OffGridLiving #EnergyStorage


600W Complete Solar Charging Kit

Six 100W Grape Solar NOIR panels now adorn the roof of this Airstream, ready to capture the sun’s energy and power adventures ahead. ☀️ #SolarPower #AirstreamLife


Take a peek inside the AM Solar combiner box! 🧐 Here’s where all the solar magic happens, with meticulously wired solar wiring for optimized efficiency. #SolarEnergy #CleanEnergy


Behold the power of the sun! ☀️ Our 600W solar setup is seamlessly wired to a complete Victron SmartSolar 100/50 MPPT system, ensuring maximum efficiency and energy conversion. #SolarPower #RenewableEnergy


Effortless solar power control! 🌞 Our main PV solar disconnect switch is neatly mounted up in the cabinet space for easy access and streamlined operation. #SolarEnergy #RenewablePower


3000VA AC Input/Output System

Power-packed performance! 💡 We’ve installed a Victron Energy Quattro-II 2x120V 3kVA unit under the bed, seamlessly wired to the existing 50A AC distribution system for maximum efficiency. #OffGridLiving #RenewableEnergy


Meet the guardians of power! 🔌 Here are the main shutoffs for our system, featuring master disconnect switches for both the battery bank and inverter. Total control at your fingertips. #PowerManagement #OffGridLiving


Added some brains to the brawn! 🧠⚡ Installed the Elevation AGS 2-3 Wire Module and seamlessly integrated Cerbo AGS Control for the Onan QG 2500i Propane Generator. Automation meets power generation. #SmartTech #OffGridLiving


Introducing our custom-designed system panel, meticulously crafted to fit snugly in the storage compartment near the trailer’s tongue. Neat, compact, and tailored to perfection. #CustomDesign #SmartStorage #TrailerUpgrades


Guarding against power surges! ⚡ Installed the Hughes Watchdog 50AAC Surge/EPO to protect the AC source. Peace of mind comes standard with this added layer of protection. #SurgeProtection #PowerSecurity