If you love your RV and you love hitting the road to go exploring new places, you’ve probably experienced a noisy campground or two. Maybe you’ve even been stranded with nowhere to camp with hook up.

Now it’s possible to outfit your RV with solar panels so that you can take it almost anywhere. You can forget about crowded campgrounds with a solar-outfitted RV, because you won’t need a hookup. You could virtually set up camp anywhere, as long as it’s a place where you can legally park overnight. Your travel doesn’t have to be dictated by where the nearest campground or campsite is, you can go wherever you wish.

Set up

Solar power is a lot easier to set up that most people think. To power an RV a noisy or complicated generator isn’t needed, and it requires much less maintenance. A basic RV solar-powered system has one or more solar panels that generate a charging current. This current supplies power to the RV battery. Installing solar panels to an RV is more simple than installing a self-charging battery system.

Collecting and saving energy

Collecting energy with solar panels does take longer than most people think it does. You can power your laptop all day, cook an entire dinner, and keep the lights on late into the night with solely energy that you’ve harnessed with solar panels. You have to budget or ration your energy, and decide what you’re going to do with it. Are you going to cook dinner? Or do some research on your laptop? Learning how to reduce your energy consumption will help your transition.

There are smaller ways to go solar as well. You can go camping with any number of other solar gadgets. They have solar powered stoves, flashlights, headlamps and more. There are even solar generators that you can invest in. Cell phones can now be charged with a portable solar charger. Solar radios have grown in popularity, as well as solar lights. You can even take an outdoor solar shower now.

Take Away

Look into going solar with your RV. There are many advantages to it. It does cost more to retrofit your RV initially, but it will save you money in the long run. It also affords you the kind of freedom that you desire on the road, the ability to set up camp anywhere. You can go solar slowly in small doses, or you can fully commit and update your RV with solar panels. Figure out what works best for you, and try it out.