If you’re interested in going solar but are unsure of the commitment you want to make, there are many gadgets out there on the market for you to use. Try charging your phone with a solar charger before you retrofit your RV with solar panels. See if you love it, and if it’s the perfect fit for you. Here are some solar gadgets that you can check out on your next camping trip.

Solar Generators

Solar generators are a much better fit for camping, they make far less noise. They are expensive but so are regular gas powered generators. They can charge just about anything and even plug into a normal outlet.

Portable chargers

Some of these chargers are quite affordable, in the $50 range. The solar panels are typically the size of a computer or a couple of iPads. They usually come with a USB port or two for charging your phone or computer, anything with a USB. There are smaller even more compact versions, that feature separate battery packs that you can carry around for additional power, once they’ve been charged.

Solar lights

There are plenty of makes and models for solar lights that you can use when you’re camping. Reading lights, flashlights or lanterns, you name it. They come in a variety of different pricing, but tend to be $50 and under, which makes them pretty affordable.


Some digital radios come in solar versions, and everyone who has been camping in bad weather knows that a radio or speakers can be a life saver. Some versions even feature weather alerts. Some models are solar, in addition to being powered by a handy hand crank.

Solar showers

Ever been on a multi-day camping trip, and longed for a hot shower to set you right again? Then this may be the solar gadget for you. These showers come in multiple sizes, like a 3 or 5-gallon size. It’s essentially a water bag that you set out in the sun. It warms up, more than just the ambient temperature, with the solar panels, and voila- hot shower!

Solar cookers and ovens

There are solar gadgets that function as an oven would, and they’re easier to use than a campfire, because you can set it and forget it. Chances are the solar oven is also lighter than hauling wood to a campsite.

Solar Panels on RV

You can even outfit your camping RV with solar panels to take all the worry out of running your RV. Solar panels on your RV ensure that you can pop up camp almost anywhere, and go off the grid. Campgrounds become a thing of the past. Rumor has it, that once you go solar, you never go back.