The snowy season is here and for those of you with Solar equipped RV’s that means it’s time to check in on the health of your solar RV, and how you should be taking care of it throughout the winter.

Routine Maintenance

Before it gets too cold, it’s a good idea to check in on the condition of your power system, and do any needed maintenance. If you live in a warmer or dry climate, you may want to check in on this as well.

If you’re still trying to collect solar power with your RV you may want to consider the angle that your solar panels are angled at. With the shorter, and often, more cloudy days of winter, getting your panels tilted at the most ideal angle can save you a lot of power. The ideal angle is simple, use your location’s latitude and add on 15 degrees. If you’re concerned with the amount of snow that may pile up on top of your solar panels, you may want to consider adjusting them to a steeper angle.

Keep it free of snow

If it snows, try to routinely clear your solar panels of any snow you can. If you let snow sit and freeze onto solar panels, it could take even longer before the panels are able to collect power again.


Consider that in colder weather batteries hold a smaller charge. If you’ve left a battery sit through a cold winter, chances are in the spring you may find a dead battery. If you’re using your batteries on a daily basis, they tend to keep their charge much longer. Fully charged batteries freeze at a much lower temperature than low batteries. A battery that is half charged can freeze at a much warmer temperature than a fully charged one.

Solar behavior in cold weather

Consider that you may be collecting less energy during the winter months and modify your behavior to accommodate for that. Turning off appliances to save energy is a must. Keeping your solar panels free of snow allows for them to charge every time the sun comes out, rather than wasting the sun’s energy.

Winter can be a great time to catch up on the maintenance of your solar RV. You may have not had time to fix something or update your system in the summer, as you were too busy enjoying your RV. Spend the time to take care of your RV and make sure that it is properly stored and taken care of for the longer winter months.