If there’s someone in your life who has outfitted their RV with solar panels, or who is obsessed with solar everything, it might be fun to get them something solar related for the holidays. Here are some great solar gift ideas for the solar lover.


Everyone has been on a camping trip where it rained the whole time, and boredom seeped in. Finding a solar powered radio could be a fun saver on one of those trips. Some radios are hand crank versions that get some of their power from smaller solar panels.

Portable chargers

Some solar chargers can be quite affordable, in the $50 range. They’re made up of solar panels that are around the size of a computer or a couple of iPads. They usually come with a USB port or two for charging your phone or computer. There are smaller versions of these chargers, that are more compact. Some of these versions feature separate battery packs so that you can carry them around for portable power, once they’ve been fully charged.

Solar lights

There’s always need for lights, lanterns and flashlights when you’re camping.  Solar powered handheld lights come in a variety of different pricing, but tend to be $50 and under, which makes them a pretty affordable gift.

You can even find solar powered spotlights that can light up the majority of your campsite or camping area.

Solar showers

The power of a warm shower in the middle of a camping trip can’t be underestimated. Give the gift of a solar shower. Solar showers are water bag that gets warmed by the sun, and hung over a tree branch. Stand under it, and it’s a makeshift shower. Solar showers come in multiple sizes, like a 3 or 5-gallon size.

Solar Speakers

Looking for a little music while camping? Bring a long a new solar chargeable speaker. A lot of speakers offer the capability of playing music from your phone via Bluetooth, but they require a plug to charge or batteries. Find a model that can be recharged with solar power, and you can take your tunes anywhere.

Take away

There are a ton of affordable solar gadgets that the solar lover in your life will appreciate. One always loves the ease of solar powered accessories that make camping more enjoyable. Do some research and find a gift that will just keep giving, or maybe it will just keep charging.