As experts in the van solar installation space, we are excited to announce our free livestream webinar, sponsored by Victron, at the Project Van Life Summit 2023. Sign up today for the virtual event of the year for all Vanlifers across the country. The event is February 17th through 19th and features over 30 speakers in the industry, including AM Solar! Join over 10,000+ of the world’s most passionate aspiring nomads and current vanlifers as they listen in to learn more on how to live van life and travel full-time.

The topic categories that will be covered during the event include Preparing for Van Life, How to Build a Van Like a Pro, Living your Best Life on the Road, Maintaining Health and Wellness with Van Life, Traveling the World, Financial Freedom, Inspiring Stories from Real Vanlifers, and How to Become a Digital Nomad. Our webinar will fall under the “How to Build a Van Like a Pro” category.

Tune in to our topic on Sunday, February 19th at 12:15 pm PST, “Tying it All Together: The 5 Subsystems of Mobile Solar Power,” to discover more about the design process for off-grid mobile solar power systems. As we go through each of the five subsystems individually, the solar system design will become less intimidating and more comprehensible. The subsystems we will cover include the battery bank and monitor, the solar charging subsystem, the alternator charging subsystem, the AC input output subsystem, and the DC distribution subsystem. We will delve into each system, break down the components, and then share how all systems work together effectively.

AM Solar has completed thousands of mobile solar power kit installations since 2002 and could not have done so without high quality, durable products from manufacturers like Victron Energy. Victron is our sponsor for the Project Van Life Summit, a reputable company with reliable products. Whether you are DIYing your own solar installation or have outsourced it, we highly recommend you utilize Victron products in your van solar system project.

We can’t wait to share our knowledge with you regarding mobile solar power systems and are looking forward to an incredible event for all those passionate about van life! Register today on the Project Van Life Summit 2023 site