Shore power is no longer necessary.


Performance Specifications:

10kW of inverter output with dual Victron Quattro 24/5000 inverter/chargers in split phase

20kWh with four Victron SmartLithium 25.6/200 LiFePO4 batteries

10kW of alternator charging with a Wakespeed 500

Boondocking, or going off-grid, is not something normally associated with Prevost Marathon ownership.  These motorhomes are designed for RV parks, and their outdated factory power systems aren’t able to supply more than just a few basic systems without a shore power connection.  But, there are options.  The AM Solar modernization package can give you energy independence and more freedom through solar panel system installation.

Current Weaknesses
The Trace/Heart Inverter/Chargers (SW4024MC2) are reaching (and in some cases exceeding) their operational lifespan.  Finding replacement parts for these outdated devices is becoming more and more challenging.  On top of that, these systems are designed for a Lead-Acid 24V nominal battery bank.  With all the benefits associated with LiFePO4 batteries, nobody wanting to run more than lights and fans should still be using Lead-acid technology.  Another problem with the legacy system is the Vanner midpoint tap for 12V House DC loads and battery combiner for charge equalization.  Modern DC/DC converters make this an antiquated and cumbersome means of supplying 12V DC loads.

AM Solar Modernization
AM Solar can integrate dual Victron Energy Quattro 24/5000 inverter/chargers wired in split-phase 240V, to supply up to 10kVA of power to the AC panel.  This state-of-the-art system is monitored by a Victron Cerbo and Touch 70 GX display, showing real-time energy flows and system data that can be uploaded and accessed via the cloud.  The battery bank uses multiple Victron Energy SmartLithium 25.6V/200Ah batteries controlled by a Lynx Smart BMS 500 for a combined 20kWh of energy storage.  Victron Orion 24/12 70A converters draw from the battery bank to supply DC loads.  This system can be charged with a shore power connection and a Wakespeed 500 integration for the secondary Almott alternator, delivering up to 10kW of power.

How it compares
The AM Solar Modernization delivers:

-+25% more power output in a split-phase configuration.

-The ability to run 240V loads while boondocking.

-120A DC lithium-compatible battery charging.

Real-time local and remote monitoring of the entire energy system with the Cerbo GX.
-Roughly twice the usable battery capacity compared to the factory’s six GPL-4DL batteries.

-Integrated a 20 KW diesel genset with Victron BMS/Controls system, for fully programmable AGS providing user-specific quiet time and SoC settings.
-Maintained emergency boost start functionality.
-The original Aux panel only worked when connected to shore/gen power.  Now it can be powered at any time.

-Upgraded factory inverter bay intake/exhaust system driven by the Victron inverters.
-Introduced inverter bay heater system to ensure smooth operation in all weather environments.