Camping with Solar 9

We frequently get calls from prospective customers who are interested in adding solar to their factory pre-wired RVs. To their dismay, utilizing a factory pre-wire is not usually as simple as they would expect. Many times, in order to achieve customers’ dry camping goals, the factory pre-wire must be modified or completely thrown out. Often we find factory setups are not designed to support even modest energy consumer needs. Regretfully, there are three major factors holding RV dealerships back from having sufficient solar pre-wires: cost, quality, and technical knowledge.

Cost: The RV industry manufacturers represent over a billion dollars in general sales every year. Looking at that number across the entire industry, you can understand why it would be cost prohibitive to make big changes in areas that are not considered critical. So despite years of advancements in solar technology, the RV industry has not kept up with solar industry standards, keeping changes to a minimum.

Quality: Along the lines of cost, turning a profit is also a key consideration for RV manufacturers. Price, more often than quality, dictates the systems provided in solar pre-wires. To keep costs down, the factory will frequently use smaller gauge wires on their ‘solar ready’ installations. Also, judging by the way we have seen wires routed, the runs weren’t designed based on optimal panel or charge controller placement or length of runs to the battery banks. The routing is likely based on keeping labor costs down. So both the products and installation techniques are chosen with little regard to quality or value in performance.

Technical Knowledge: RV manufacturers are experts in their field of RVs; however, they are amateurs in the area of solar. By standardizing solar pre-wires, factory workers are able follow the same, simple schematic to route wires, but when it comes to making informed decisions based on line losses or energy consumption, they fall short. Leaving their customers looking for answers on travel forums which will inevitably lead them to the experts in RV solar.

Fortunately, the RV solar experts at AM Solar have heard the cry of RV owners who want to take advantage of solar pre-wires and they have devised a solution. With the right equipment and some creative wiring, we can maximize those small, less efficient factory pre-wires.