If you’re new to the solar world, it make take some time getting used to solar phrases and understanding exactly what it is that they are. If you’ve just outfitted your RV with an RV Solar Panel Kit, it might be time to learn some of the terminology now. Here at AM Solar, we strive to help our customers be in control of their solar RV and all the working parts that come with solar panels. So here’s a breakdown of a few of the most common solar power terms:

AGM Battery – This battery is an absorbed glass mat battery. It’s a technology that uses plates, like in lead-acid batteries, but this battery features a fiberglass mat. This slim mat has battery acid between the plats and is packed tightly.

Charge Controller – A charge controller works as a go between for your panels and your batteries. It limits the rate and amount of power that your batteries get, to prevent them from over charging. If your batteries stored power falls below 50 percent, the charge controller shuts off the batteries to prevent draining.

Lead-Acid Batteries – This type of battery relies on a different process to store energy. Lead-acid batteries depend on the reaction between chemicals and water, and then store that energy. This process happens between plates within the battery. This type of battery costs less, because it’s mass produced for cars and other vehicles.

Lithium-Ion Batteries – This is the type of battery that we recommend at AM Solar. The chemicals in the battery function differently, using one process to store the energy and one to distribute it. The batteries continually use these two systems back and forth, which gives the battery a much longer life. These batteries are also more lightweight, which is another reason that AM Solar recommends Lithium batteries for solar.

Panel Types – At AM Solar we recommend using monocrystalline panels, which are made of silicon-based cells.

Combiner Box – This box is used to parallel connections for multiple solar panels. It helps you use multiple solar panels in one solar system. The combiner box is also a great way to add other solar panels at later times.

While it can seem like a complicated thing to understand, there’s always plenty of research and learning to be done when it comes to Solar RV kits. Talk to AM Solar and learn more about how each piece of your system works, and why it’s important. Getting a better grasp on how your solar system for RV’s works will help you better utilize your Solar equipped RV.