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Lithium Batteries have long been the best battery option for going solar. They have numerous benefits and advantages and we’re here to break them down.

Lifespan and Usability

Lithium battery banks can be expensive, and can cost almost three times as much as AGM batteries. With the expense comes a much longer lifespan that makes them work the money. Studies on lithium batteries have shown that they last for more than 2500 cycles, with some showing that the battery is still delivering 75 percent of its capacity at that time. AGM batteries typically only last for 500-1000 cycles which makes the cost worth it for lithium. If you factor in replacement costs, it makes complete sense to use lithium batteries over AGM.

Another benefit to using lithium batteries is that they can regularly discharge 80 percent of their rated capacity. You get more amp hours of charge, nearly twice as much as AGM.


On most lead-acid batteries, when the charge level decreases so does the voltage. Similar to when the batteries are low in a flashlight, and it’s no longer putting out a bright light. This doesn’t happen to lithium batteries. When the battery is at 20 percent it will still be putting out the same voltage as when it’s at 80 percent.


Lithium batteries also don’t need a absorption phase to finish charging, which means they’re easy to charge. It doesn’t take long to charge them to full capacity. If your charger is strong enough, you can charge your batteries in as little as half an hour. If you’re into being off the grid, this means you’ll need to use your generator less, so that you can use solar power more.

Lithium batteries are also better at storing power. They can charge at nearly 100 percent efficiency, which is nearly 15 percent higher than most lead acid batteries. If you’re completely solar, and trying to use every hour of sunlight possible, this really comes in handy. Technically, every second of sunshine you can collect will result in power stored in your battery bank, if you’re using lithium.


Another added benefit of lithium batteries is that they weigh less. A lithium battery is capable of storing almost 3.6 times more usable amp hours than an AGM battery, that is the same weight. Not only will you be capable of storing more power, but you’ll get better mpg in your solar equipped RV.

At AM Solar we could go on about the various benefits of using lithium batteries in your DIY Solar RV.