While you may love getting outdoors, and traveling to places you’ve never been, a noisy campground can ruin it. While you love your RV, you might be looking for a way to get off the grid, and away from the crowded and noisy campground hookups. If you’ve ever thought about getting your RV equipped for solar power, there’s no time like the present.

Go Anywhere

If you’ve ever considered going solar, you might want to think about it more seriously. With a solar RV kit, it’s not too complicated to outfit your RV to go anywhere. Solar RVs don’t need noisy generators either, if you ration your energy and plan accordingly. With solar power, you won’t need a hookup either, so you can take your RV anywhere, as long as you can legally park overnight.

Benefits of Solar

When your RV is outfitted with solar panels, your panels supply poser to your RV batteries. The Lithium Solar Batteries store that energy until you’re ready to use it. If you install solar panels on your RV, it’s easier than using a self-charging battery system.


It’s important to know that it does take time to collect solar energy. You will have to plan for your usage. You won’t be able to roll into a campsite, or overnight parking and turn on your stove, or run appliances. You’ll have to plan ahead, and get to a site early so you can spend time collecting the energy that you’ll need to cook dinner and shower.

There are also solar calculators that you can use to factor your solar usage. You can figure out if you have enough power to cook dinner, shower and use a laptop for an hour. Or if you’ll have to choose between the three.

Once you go solar with a Solar RV Kit, there are endless solar appliances you can transition over to. Everything from stoves, flashlights, showers, headlamps and more are now available in solar models.

Get outside

If you’re looking for an easier way to get out and not be tied to campgrounds or hookups, solar is the way to go. Check out AM Solar, and ask them about installing solar panels on RVs. They can help you outfit your RV with solar panels, and help you get free of campground hook up restrictions. With a solar equipped RV you can set up camp anywhere, and enjoy the freedom of solar.