Spring is here and summer is growing closer and closer. It’s getting close to the time when you take the covers off your RV and start planning your first road or camping trip. If you’ve ever thought about outfitting your RV with a solar panel kit, now is the perfect time to do so. Get your RV ready for endless summer trips, and head off the grid with new solar panels. Learn about why you should go solar here.


There are many benefits to having a solar equipped RV. While solar can be harder to understand, we’re here to break it down for you. Outfitting your RV comes with a price tag, but it’s one that you should consider as an investment. While there is some cost associated with going solar, it’s cost that will pay for itself if you give it time.

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your RV and add value, going solar is the best way to go. Adding solar panels to your RV makes it more attractive to potential buyers.

Get Out of Dodge      

If the sound of campground generators is starting to annoy you, it may be time for you to go off the grid, and with solar panel kits you can do just that. All solar panels require is energy from the sun. They’re cleaner than running a generator for long periods of time.

With solar panel kits and a little planning you’ll never need a campground hookup again, which enables you to truly get off the grid. When you’re not dependent on RV hookups, you can drive anywhere and set up camp, just make sure you’re within the law to park there overnight.

If you’re hitting the road, you won’t have to worry about driving all day just to reach the next campground location. With a solar-powered RV you can set up camp anywhere. The other added benefit to solar power is that it’s much easier to maintain than a generator, and generates much less noise. With a basic solar panel package, you’ll have one or more panels that generate currents, using the sun’s rays, and this charges your batteries.

Outfitting your RV with solar panels does require some planning on your part. If you’re relying only on solar power to run your RV, you’ll have to budget for your energy use. You can’t expect to run a microwave, tv and shower all with minimal solar power collected. There are different tools you can use to determine how much power you’ll need to collect to do the things you need in your RV. If you’re committed to running your RV mostly off solar power, you simply have to plan for what you need, and collect enough energy to do so.