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I just received my Kit(s). What should I do first?

Lay out all your parts and verify that you have everything in your order, even if you do not plan to install your kit immediately. Your shipment will include a packing list to help you inventory your shipment. There are many small pieces packed carefully in bubble wrap or paper, please do not throw the packing material away if you cannot find items in your order.

If you come across any parts you cannot identify, or suspect you may be missing a component, send us an email at info@amsolar.com (photos of unidentified items are very helpful!), or give us a call at 541-726-1091.

If your shipment incurred damage in transit, please let us know as soon as possible so we can resolve any issues.


I received my AM Solar Order, Where are my Batteries and Solar Panels?

Some of our products, especially lithium batteries and solar panels, may ship directly from our suppliers. If these items were part of your kits, you will receive separate tracking information for these items. For any order fulfillment questions, or to check the status of your shipment, send us an email at info@amsolar.com or give us a call at 541-726-1091.


Are Their Wiring Diagrams for My Kits?

Standard wiring diagrams for our kits can be found on each kit’s product page in the Wiring Diagrams section. If you worked with one of our Sales Team to customize a system with multiple kits or subsystems, you may have received a custom diagram for your system.

Many of our kits also have accompanying videos on their product pages. You can also check out our Educational Videos page or visit the AM Solar YouTube channel for more!


I’ve got my parts and Diagrams, What do i do next?

Once you have identified your parts and studied the diagrams, it’s time to plan your installation:

  1. Position your largest components such as batteries, inverter, and charge controller first to confirm there is enough space for your configuration. Some people make plywood or cardboard mockups of the same dimensions as the components in order to test out different layouts.
  2. Use rope or string to plan wire routes before cutting your wire lengths.
  3. Secure your components, with breakers and switches in the off position
  4. Start building and connecting cables one subsystem at a time.

After all subsystems have been installed, do a final system check and commission the system:

  1. Check all connections to ensure they are well-crimped, snug, and fully heat-shrinked.
  2. Begin by turning your master disconnect switch on for your Battery Bank and Monitor, then turn on switches or breakers for your subsystems (though you may not have all these systems): DC Distribution, Alternator Charger, Solar Charger, Inverter/Charger.
  3. Program your main system components for your battery type.


I need help with my installation, Can I talk with someone?

Feel free to reach out with any questions or snags along the way. We have helped thousands of DIYers install our kits and our aim is to make your installation a successful endeavor. Filling out our support request form will be the quickest way to get support. If you need assistance with your support request, give us a call at (541) 726-1091.