FAQ: Service

Do you do installations?

We do complete system installs, but you should try to book your appointment several months in advance. We are frequently booked solid for several weeks at a time.


What do you offer for warrantees?

Many of our components have their own warranties underwritten by the manufacturer, which range from 1-5 years with some proration; and, we do our best to ensure that all components are properly installed to the specifications. Our workmanship is 100% guaranteed, aside from normal wear and tear that transpires with RVs. Vibration and stress can cause connections to loosen over time, and we expect RVers to periodically have check-ups performed.

AM Solar will never discriminate because of a customer’s national origin, age, sex, religion, color, or race. AM Solar may reserve the right to refuse service to hostile customers to protect the well-being of our employees.