Installation Summary

  • 300Ah LiFeBlue Low Temp Battery with internal Bluetooth Monitoring
  • Alternator Charging System
  • 1560W Tow Vehicle Solar Charging System
  • Dual IP22 30ADC Charger System

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Date of Completion: December 14th, 2023


System Details

Solar Wattage: 1560W

Charge Controller: Complete Charger 30A Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/30

Charger System: Victron Blue Smart Charger(s)

Battery Type: LiFePO4 LiFeBlue Low Temp 300ah

# of Batteries: 1

Battery Ah Rating: 1x 300Ah

Battery Model: LB12300D-LT

Alternator Charging System: Victron Cyrix Battery Combiner

Battery Bank w/Energy Smart Shunt Monitoring System

AMS upgrades: factory Lead Acid battery bank replaced with a single LiFeBlue 300Ah Low Temp battery. Enhanced connections to under bed storage space. Smart networking with Victron Energy Volt/Temp Sensor and dual IP22 chargers for efficient power management. 🔋✨ #EnergyUpgrade #SmartTech

Alternator Charging

AMS boosts towing power with Victron 120A Cyrix-Li-ct Tow Kit, ensuring seamless management of 12V power from the tow vehicle’s connector. 🚗⚡️ #TowingUpgrade #PowerManagement

1560W Solar Array

AMS set up 8x 195W Flex Solar panels in series/parallel, connected to an AM Solar Combiner Box. #RenewableEnergy


Inside the AM Solar Combiner Box: A web of connections bringing solar energy to life. 🔌⚡️ #WiringWonders

Power at its core! 💡 AM Solar Combiner Box seamlessly integrated into a 100/30A MPPT system, neatly wired through the trailer’s corner and bedside cabinet. #EfficientDesign

Dual IP22 30ADC Charger System

Out with the old, in with the smart! AM Solar upgrades: Factory converter gone, replaced with dual IP22 30ADC chargers tucked behind the AC/DC panel. Linked into the ‘Smart Network’ via VE Volt/Temp device for top-notch LiFeBlue battery charging. 🔌⚡️ #SmartUpgrade #EnergyEfficiency



Easy Start, big relief! AC unit gets a boost with the installation of an Easy Start device, smoothing out surge draw for a cooler, calmer experience. ❄️⚡️ #CoolingUpgrade #EnergyEfficiency


Simplicity meets functionality! DC breakers offer easy reset options if tripped, ensuring smooth sailing with straightforward design. 🔧🔌 #EffortlessPower #SimpleYetEffective



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