Installation Summary

  • 900Ah LiFeBlue Low Temp Battery with Victron Energy IP65 SmartShunt Monitoring
  • Tow Vehicle High Current Alternator Charging System (future system upgrade)
  • Tow Vehicle 150/100A MPPT Solar Charging Core
  • Tow Vehicle AC Input/Output System


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Date of Completion: December 14th, 2023


System Details

Solar Wattage: 1560W (view here)

Charge Controller: Complete Solar Charger (100A)

Inverter System: MultiPlus-II 12/2000/80-50 Full Pass kit

Battery Type: LiFePO4 LiFeBlue Low Temp 300ah

# of Batteries: 3

Battery Ah Rating: 3x 300Ah

Battery Model: LB12300D-LT

Alternator Charging System (temporary): Victron Cyrix Battery Combiner

Battery Bank w/ Victron Energy IP65 Smart Shunt Monitoring System

Power-packed and future-ready! AMS sets up 3x LiFeBlue 300Ah D-LT batteries in parallel, with provisions for a 4th battery. Monitored by VE SmartShunt Kit, safeguarded with a 400A Main System ANL fuse and Master on/off switch for total control. ⚡️🔋 #EfficientEnergy #FutureProofSetup



Tow Vehicle 150/100A MPPT Solar Charging Core

Seamless power integration! Anderson disconnect harness extends from the travel trailer into the tow vehicle’s power system, finalizing a robust 150/100A MPPT system core. ⚡️🚚 #PowerIntegration #EfficientEnergy

3000VA/120A Inverter Charger System

Doubling up on power! Dual Victron Energy 2kVA MultiPlus inverter/chargers installed in parallel configuration, ensuring backup charging with a protected 30AAC input and a secure power connection to the travel trailer via a protected 30AAC output. 💡⚡️ #PowerDuo #EfficientEnergy


Power under control! Safeguards abound with master switches for primary and secondary inverters, alongside a master on/off switch for full system shutdown when necessary. ⚡️🔒 #PowerManagement #SafetyFirst


Surge protection, simplified! Introducing the Watchdog 30A hardwired with bluetooth, ensuring peace of mind for your power needs. 🔒⚡️ #ProtectYourPower


Total control at your fingertips! Monitoring the entire system via Cerbo GX with Touch 70 Monitor for seamless operation and efficiency. 🖥️⚡️ #SmartTech #EfficientEnergy


Effortless control, flawless design! Accessing system controls has never been easier. 🌟 #EfficiencyAtItsFinest #SleekDesign

Crafting uniqueness, one project at a time! Our latest masterpiece features AC input/output circuits routed from the tow vehicle power system, seamlessly integrated into the rear bumper. A custom Anderson Harness extension ensures easy system connection for boondocking adventures. 🚚⚡️ #TailoredInnovation #BoondockingEssentials

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