Installation Summary

  • 12V 200Ah LiFeBlue Ultimus LiFePO4 Battery Bank w/Victron Energy Smart BMV-712 Monitoring System

  • Alternator Charging System
  • 180W Portable panel & sideport to a 30A MPPT Core (expandable up to 400W)

  • 60A Lithium Converter System


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Date of Completion: March 8, 2024

System Details

Solar Wattage: 180W (portable)

Charge Controller: Complete Solar Charger (20A)

Converter System: Victron Blue Smart IP22 Charger 12V/30A 120V

Battery Type: LiFeBlue Ultimus 100Ah

# of Batteries: 2

Battery Ah Rating: 2x 100Ah

Battery Model: LBU-100

Alternator Charging System: OEM relay on Tow Vehicle


LiFeBlue Ultimus LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Bank w/Victron Energy Smart BMV-712 Monitoring System

Optimized power storage! Installed two LiFeBlue Ultimus 100Ah lithium batteries neatly tucked under the bed for efficient energy storage. 🔋🛏️ #EfficientStorage #EnhancedPower


180W Portable panel & sideport to a 30A MPPT Core (expandable up to 400W)

Efficient power integration! Wired up a 180W Portable panel and side port to a 30A MPPT Core for optimized energy utilization. 🔌🔋 #EfficientIntegration #OptimizedPower


Enhanced connectivity solution! Modified the Zamp Side Port to Central Controller Kit to include a 25A ATC fuse assembly for MPPT battery connection, ensuring reliable power management. 🔌🔧 #EfficientModification #EnhancedConnectivity


Unlocking power potential! Everything you need to add up to 290W to an existing battery bank. With advanced MPPT charge controller and Bluetooth communication, this kit forms an ideal foundation for a small power system on a rigid roof. Add panels, a lithium battery bank, and an inverter system to run larger loads like a refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, TV, etc. 🌞🔋💡 #EfficientPower #VersatileSystem

Efficient wiring, maximized space! Simple yet clean wiring for the charge controller, maintaining the space and functionality of this storage bay. 🔌🔧 #EfficientDesign #MaximizedSpace



60A Lithium Converter System

Efficient charging setup! Installed two 30A IP22 chargers behind the main AC panel, replacing the factory converter for enhanced power management. 🔌⚡ #EfficientCharging #EnhancedPower


Utilizing factory wiring! We used the existing 6 AWG wire for disconnecting the output cables, ensuring efficient power distribution. 🔌🔧 #EfficientWiring #OptimizedSetup


Installed a 15A/125V outlet for convenient power access. 🔌⚡ #EfficientPower #ConvenientSetup