Installation Summary

  • 200Ah 12VDC Battle Born LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Bank w/Victron Energy SmartShunt Kit

  • 30A Victron Energy Orion DC/DC Alternator Charging System

  • 15A MPPT Side Port Core

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Date of Completion: February 21, 2024

System Details

Charge Controller: Victron SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 (12/24V-15A)

Battery Type:LiFeBlue Ultimus 100Ah

# of Batteries: 2

Battery Ah Rating: 2x 100Ah

Battery Model: LBU-100

Alternator Charging System:30A Victron Orion-Tr Smart non-isolated Alternator Charger Kit Expandable


LiFeBlue Ultimus Lithium Battery Bank

Boosting power capacity! Installed 2x 100Ah LiFeblue Ultimus batteries on the passenger side of the Maintenance Bay, housed within a plywood enclosure for organized and efficient storage. 🔋🔧 #EfficientPower #EnhancedStorage


Integrated SmartShunt with temperature sensor! Hooked up the customer-provided SmartShunt, complete with a temperature sensor, for advanced monitoring and optimized performance. 📊🌡️ #EfficientMonitoring #OptimizedPerformance


30A Victron Energy Orion DC/DC Alternator Charging System

Wired up a 30A tow vehicle kit using 2 AWG marine wire and SB120 Anderson connectors with watertight boots, including a breaker in the engine bay. 🚗⚡ #EfficientWiring #VehicleKit


Ensuring safety and reliability! Pictured is a 40A resettable DC breaker, an essential component in the electrical system to protect against overcurrent and ensure smooth operation. ⚡🔧 #ElectricalSafety #EfficientProtection


15A MPPT Side Port Core

Innovative solution! We crafted an Anderson to SAE dongle for Zamp PV side 2-pole, enhancing compatibility and flexibility in the solar setup. ☀️🔌 #InnovativeEngineering #EfficientSolution


Final installation of SAE dongle for Zamp PV, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced functionality in the solar system setup. ☀️🔌 #EfficientInstallation #EnhancedFunctionality