Installation Summary

  • 12V 600Ah LiFeBlue LiFePO4 Battery Bank w/ Victron Energy Smart Shunt Monitoring System
  • Alternator Charging
  • 600W Complete Solar Charging Kit
  • 3000VA/120A Inverter Charger System

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Date of Completion: November 10th, 2023


System Details

Solar Wattage: 800W

Charge Controller: Victron 85A Solar Charge Controller Kit

Inverter System: MultiPlus-II 12/3000/120-50 1×120 Full Pass kit

Battery Type: LiFePO4 LiFeBlue Low Temp 200ah

# of Batteries: 3

Battery Ah Rating: 3x 200Ah

Battery Model: LB12200D-LT

Alternator Charging System: Victron Cyrix Battery Combiner

Battery Bank w/Energy Smart Shunt Monitoring System

Installed 3x 200Ah LiFeBlue lithium batteries on the passenger side exterior bay.


Victron IP65 Smart Shunt


Victron IP65 Smart Shunt.


Alternator Charging

Removed factory DC-DC Converter and installed a lithium compatible Cyrix kit with boost.


800W Solar Array

Installed 3x 200W Rich Solar panels.


Solar panels & side port (installed between door & first bay) wired to a complete Victron SmartSolar 150/85 MPPT system core.


3000VA/120A Inverter Charger System

Installed a Victron Energy MultiPlus II 3kVA in the passenger side exterior bay, wired to the existing 30A AC distribution system in a full-passthrough configuration.


Installed Touch 50 monitor in place of old Xantrex monitor, in the cabinet right of the TV.


Installed Hughes Watchdog Surge/EPO for AC source protection.


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